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Hi Nate--

Welcome to the New Shotgunner's forum, where you've already gotten some excellent advice. Assuming this is a 12 gauge (you don't actually say that) or a 16 or a 20, you're fine hunting deer with the older "Foster" type slugs, as long as they aren't loaded to very high pressures. You want the ones that mosey along at about 1300-1400fps. It'll tell you right on the box that the slugs are intended for use with smoothbore. Don't use sabots or even Brennekes. And practice alot before you go. You're fine with either IC or mod--IC is slightly preferable, I'd say.

I like the idea of taking any older shotgun you acquire to a gunsmith to have him clean and inspect it. I do it with all my guns just as a matter of course. It can't hurt, and he might catch something that will save you a ton of trouble.

You've got a solid deer getter there out to 40 yards or so. Only take good shots: broadside, quartering toward you, and preferably standing still. If you don't think you can deliver a clean, humane, quick kill, pass up the shot. You'll get another chance.

Thanks for stopping by--come back and let us know how it all turns out :)

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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