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I agree with wwb on the choke selections; Mod should be OK, IC also. You'll have to try them out with different brands of conventional (Foster type) slugs to see what works best in your barrel. The Cutts bbl should present no significant problems from a functional standpoint.

With regard to the type of shells/slugs you can run through your gun, you are generally quite safe with any lead load having the same gauge/length designation as indicated on your barrel. If you have questions, take it to a local gunsmith or someplace like a Gander Mountain, where there is a resident 'smith. This might also be a good idea from the standpoint of having someone explain the long recoil design, and the proper configuration of your friction components. As a matter of fact, the more I think about it the better this idea seems- it won't cost alot, and you'll get a good under-the-hood on your 11.

The Model 11 is a robust design, and so long as you use ammunition appropriate to your gun (no 3" in a 2.75" gun, etc), you should be in fine shape. I would not hesitiate to hunt deer or upland with my Model 11.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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