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Hi all,
I'm new to shotguns here and have a question about slugs.
I've got 2 barrels for my Remington Model 11.
One barrel is a Mod barrel, pretty straight forward.
The other barrel is, or was, a full. This one now has a Lyman Cutts Compensator on it. I've got 2 screw on choke sizes for this barrel, one is Full the other is Improved Cyl.
Can anyone lend me adivce on what kind of slugs or if I can even use them with either barrel, and what barrel would be the best choice. If either one would work, I would just try them out and see which shoots best for me. I don't think using the full choke would be wise, but can I use the ImpCyl and use slugs with one of these on the barrel?

Also, with a Model 11, what kind of slugs and shot in general can I use with this shotgun, I've never fired it and don't want to do anything wrong.

Is it realistic for me to expect to hunt deer using this shotgun?

You can view my other post about this shotgun at:

Looking forward to your replys,
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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