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Best cleaning oil or solvent for Beretta ES100

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I am from Minnesota and hunt quite a bit of cold weather, I am having trouble with the second and third shells chambering into my Beretta ES100 12 *****.
I am woundering what the best cleaning method would be for this shotgun. Thanks for the replies, Dan

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(1/2/03 10:53:40 am)
Re: Best cleaning oil or solvent for Beretta ES100
I am in WI and have had this issue. What I did was strip the gun and clean it with Rem Oil (10oz spray about $6). Since doing this I have had no problems. I do it in the fall and my gun works great all winter. Don't be afraid to soak the action. The Rem Oil will not harm it in any way and it will lossen up tons of goop. Wipe everything with a cloth and work the action a bit. The only reason I went with Rem Oil vs any other is it was the only spray on the shelf at the time. If you can not find Rem Oil us another spray, the power if the spray really gets in the action good.


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(1/2/03 3:45:00 pm)
Reply Re: Best cleaning oil or solvent for Beretta ES100
I've started using this product with a drop or two of milspec oil at the friction points. Seems to be working great so far.

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Reply Best cleaning oil and solvent
SHOOTERS CHOICE, in my opinion, has the 2 best products on the market for cleaning an lube.
SHOTGUN AND CHOKE TUBE CLEANER, it will eat any kind of crud in a gun and clean with ease. KEEP IT OFF THE WOOD.
They recently acquired a product called FP-10. It is the old FIREPOWER FP-10. Just soak a Q-TIP swab, hit all your friction points. I no longer use grease after coming across this stuff a few years back. I can run 250 rounds through my gun and there will still be a light layer of oil there. It also helps to wash the blowback away from friction points. Grease won't do that, it holds every little spec of powder. A guy who sold me on this stuff asked why would you ever want to use a lube that attracts all the crud instead of repelling it. I also use the Rem. Oil on external metal parts when I get to lazy to clean my gun after a shoot. Quick spray an stuff it away.
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Go to these products are the best I have used/seen.
I agree with the Rem-oil suggestion. The gun comes all greased up with some stuff designed for storage and you have to get rid of all that. I've had no cold weather problems with Rem-oil.
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