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Hey Tim,Thanks for dropping by!The barrel length really has no impact on shooting distance or even shot pattern. The primary concern for barrel length is 'line of sight' . A longer barrel gives you a longer line of sight to look down, which should increase accuracy. The choke of the barrel determines the pattern. As a dove hunter myself (see Dove Sportsman's Society link on main web page) I prefer the 28" barrel. The quail hunter's prefer the short (24" if you can find 'em) barrel. Usually, they have to target a quail in a split second. They also have to deal with thick brush and you don't want to be carrying a flag pole of a gun through the brush. Most turkey hunters prefer a shorter barrel (22"-26") and a really tight choke.Just remember that it's the choke that determines the pattern. I would recommend the 26" barrel if I just had to choose in your situation. Hope it helps.regards,Jay
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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