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Best place to buy a new barrel?

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Hey can anyone give me a good suggestion for finding the best price on a new barrel. I bought the basic, standard 870 Express w/ the 28" barrel, and I want to add a short, sighted barrel to increase versatility.

The Remington model #24622 - 20" Improved Cylinder with Rifle Sights Matte.

So far is my best price. Anyone know of anything better?
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jam watch - Have you considered buying from one of the companies which is a sponsor for the Shotgun World Forums? Even if it cost a dollar or two more, if you enjoy and value this site as much as I do it would be money well spent. You could also let them know that you found them here, and appreciate their sponsorship of what has turned out to be the premiere website for the shotgun community.

I see you don't yet have too many posts, but as you get further into the shotgun game, you will see what is really a fantastic resource this is - so I do not mean to lean on you at all. It was just a thought.
Good idea. Thank you.

Is there a list somewhere. The page i'm looking at right now has an ad for "rethink solar". Probably not a shotgun accessory dealer.
I've used these folks a couple of times:

Have not checked prices recently.
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