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Best Quail/Dove dog?

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I am going to purchase a bird dog this month and am wondering what would be the best Quail/dove dog. Have talked to local breeders and got Local opinions, what do you all think?
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Good lord man are you trying to start a fight :shock:

For doves you just get Anything that can stand the heat and will go get the birds for you. Hell a Jack Russel or Dachshund properly force fetch trained could do that.

For quail there are probably only 100 or so breeds to do that.

Is this dog living in a Kennel or in a house, how much time do you have to train? Any kids around? Lot or little yard? Here are some breeds I or hunting pardners have had good luck with.
Llewellen Setter
Brittany Spaniel

I've hunted behind some great English Pointers but they were the most unfriendly, no listening SOB's I've ever seen. I've yet to see an E.P. that I really liked and I've hunted behind at least 30 of them and some trained by very well known trainers.
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If you want a lab, well here you go. I'd never heard of these things but an old customer of mine had one in Kansas that he hunted pheasant, quail and ducks with.
Lenny's a good boy. He's to giant to be an English Pointer, I think he's an American Pointer. We need to get him out on some wild quail and see how he does.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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