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Best Quail/Dove dog?

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I am going to purchase a bird dog this month and am wondering what would be the best Quail/dove dog. Have talked to local breeders and got Local opinions, what do you all think?
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Not to pick a fight or anything, but most of the Vizsla's I have seen are from hunting stock. Its a recently introduced breed from old Europe and they have kept the bloodlines pure. Of course, once the Americans get ahold of a breed all bets are off. For the most part I would say a Vizsla is more apt to have a nose as opposed to randomly grabbing an English Setter or Britt.

For a hunting buddy/family pet I would stay away form the EP, but thats just me. If you have children then a softer breed is nice for the kids. My Llewellin and Setters in general are gentle. My guy wont bite anything except JuneBugs and thats cause he knows my wife is afraid of them. So he is her hero...

Remember to be honest with yourself about what the dog will be doing. Retrieving, pointing, water, upland, Texas Hell Heat Dove hunting or chasing a ball for the kids. Research the breeds characteristics online and then post something like...

Hey guys what do you think of the Springer Spaniel I am thinking about.... I want to use him for ....

Best of luck...
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Labs can be a handfull. They are big loveable goofs that love to retrieve. It would not be my first choice for a Quail dog though... Remember folks are bias towards the dogs they own and should be, just take it all with a grain of salt.

Best of luck and let us know if we can help...
:shock: You mean a dog can do something other than hunt?
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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