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Best Quail/Dove dog?

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I am going to purchase a bird dog this month and am wondering what would be the best Quail/dove dog. Have talked to local breeders and got Local opinions, what do you all think?
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I would go with either a Brittany or Vizsla but no matter which breed you choose make sure they are from hunting lines or the dog will not be to the breeds potential. It's a damn shame that so many Vizsla's are show dogs and not hunters because they are excellent field dogs.
I'd like to add one thing. Lab puppies are FULL of energy and are about as graceful as a drunk monkey. Don't get me wrong I love my little lab but be ready for walks galore because Lab puppies are the energizer bunny they keep on going and going....
but they do make great dogs.

Oh, and live2 your in a part of the country where hunting is more widley accepted so the Vizsla's there are probably almost all hunters but here they are almost ALL showdogs and family pets only. People buy them because them because they look cool but don't realize the dogs have to hunt. I have a story about a woman and Vizsla and I'll tell you if you ant me to.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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