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Best Quail/Dove dog?

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I am going to purchase a bird dog this month and am wondering what would be the best Quail/dove dog. Have talked to local breeders and got Local opinions, what do you all think?
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I am an experienced lab owner and will say that they make a great retrieving dog. They can also be trained as a flushing dog for pheasant, grouse, etc. I have hunted quail with my labs and they were very mediocre. It doesn't matter to me because there aren't any quail left in MO anymore. If you do some searches you will find info on Pointing Labs. I am a skeptic but there are many who are "true believers" in this type of lab. My labs are titled hunt test dogs who are as sociable and calm as any family pet can be but when you send them after a duck you better get out of the way. Same with doves.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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