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Best Quail/Dove dog?

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I am going to purchase a bird dog this month and am wondering what would be the best Quail/dove dog. Have talked to local breeders and got Local opinions, what do you all think?
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I've had my lab for about 6 weeks now. My mom was alergic, so I couldn't have a dog as a kid. I had to wait untill my wife and I bought a house because we didn't want one in an apartment, so the day after we moved I was on the 'net looking for one. He's been a really good dog. All he needs is a piece of dried rawhide in his mouth at all time to chew on and 2 walks a day.

Pigeonhunter we'd love to hear a story about a lady and her Vizsla.

Does anyone else's lab eat like its the last time its been 5 days since its eaten last? I feed him twice a day, but he literally inhales his food. By the time I oput the bag away in the cupboard he's done.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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