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Best Quail/Dove dog?

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I am going to purchase a bird dog this month and am wondering what would be the best Quail/dove dog. Have talked to local breeders and got Local opinions, what do you all think?
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I have GSP's that are used for quail, dove, and duck hunting. I also have Weim's and Labs. The GSP's are the most versatile of the three in my opinion.

For a family dog and a versatile hunting companion I would have to go with a GSP. They are not part of the family, they are the family. Both the one I adopted at 10 months and my 18-week-old puppy has become a major part of the family.

My six-year-old plays with them all the time and it's hard to get the pup to leave her side. The adopted one will run at full speed toward my daughter, put on the breaks and end up with his nose just under her arm. They have to be some of the most lovable dogs I have ever seen.

Heat and labs mix???? I'd never take a lab out when it was in the 100's, in my opinion they are not built for the heat. Heavy boned, large body just doesn't compute. On the other hand a GSP would be able to handle the heat with no problems, in my opinion.

I'm on my fourth GSP and when it comes to training them it only takes time. Once that light bulb clicks on inside, look out! It's an awesome site to see it and from that point on it's all gravy. I took a 10-month-old GSP/cross that had been kenneled in an 8x8 and had no training for most of his life and turned him around in less then two months.

I've hunted dove, quail, pheasant, grouse, ducks and geese with GSP's and have had wonderful experiences with them.

Yeah it took a lot of work with the gun at first but once he got used to it I have had no problems with the rest. He tracked and pointed his first hen a few weeks ago, which in my mind is an unbelievable testament to the breed.

The pup is unreal for her age. She is pointing and holding points on live birds at 18 weeks, has no problem with the gun and only needs a little clean up work on a few commands. It's like night and day when you compare the two dogs. One has some of the best bloodlines there is and the other is a cross from a suspect GSP bloodline and an unknown Weimy line.

If you ask me you can't go wrong with a GSP. I would suggest doing some research on the line you are looking at and ask the same questions you would for any other breed.
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the King........the Llewellin (IMHO). I have one, he pointed very early, from what i've heard, (hes my first bird dog) and he is soooooo easy one my little brother. My bro is 3 and he rides the 7mo pup like a horse, lays on him, and drags him by his tail, and my dog has not once even growled at him. Great nose too.
American Water Spaniel,
nothing compares.
ours even has a built in, audible, "quail alarm".

end of story...............
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