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1100rem said:
I just finished up my powder and shot,I was useing hodgon clays powder gun club and AA hulls,federal primers,#8 magnum hard shot.I shoot trap and this ammo works good.Being new just wondering if there is anything you guys would reccomend as an outstanding combo. Like to stay with 1 1/8 once.Im useing mec grabber 76 and shooting rem 1100.Thanks for all advice im greatful
The answer is....

For singles
AA Hull
AA White Wad
Win 209
16 gr e3
1 1/8 oz mag 7 1/2

For Handicap replace the e3 with 19 to 20 gr of Green Dot, or

Fed GM Hull
Fed 12S3 or Claybuster clone
Fed 209A
21 gr Green Dot
1 1/8 oz mag 7 1/2.

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