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First off you simply cannot go wrong with Clays or Clay Dot for target loads, from 7/8 oz. thru 1-1/8 oz.

Secondly you DO NOT need High Velocity for standard American trap. Standard 2-3/4 dram 1-1/8 oz. Target Loads, (1145 FPS), is more than adequate for all Trap shooting back to and including the 23 yard Handicaps. Going to any faster velocities is totally unnecessary and will only serve to beat you up and start you to flinching much sooner in life.

For Handicap yardages beyond 23 yards, it MAY be advantageous to go to 3 dram loads, (1200 FPS), but is not totally necessarily. Personal preference there.

My personal load for this is:
AA or Rem. Hull, (Rem. preferred)
W-209 primer, (or any mediun strength primer).
17.3 grs. Clays or Clay Dot.
WAA12 wad, or any of it's clones. I particularly like the DR XXL-1-1/8 wad or the Blue Duster.
1-1/8 oz. hard shot, 7-1/2 or 8's, (I prefer # 7-1/2's).
1145 FPS and approx. 8,500 to 9,000 PSI, depending on actual components used.

This load can be increased to a 3 dram Eq. load (1200 FPS), by simply increasing the powder drop to 18.0 Grs. Clays or Clay Dot.

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