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Best stool for duck hunting.

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Hunting in Knee high water what's the best stool to use?thanks,Jay G.
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One of the easiest is 2-3 milk crates that you tie together with pull ties, you can put some bricks or cinder blocks in them to keep them under water or use a few peices of metal that have an L-shaped end driven into the muck to hold them in place.I use my Poke Boat to sit in and to get to where I am going.
I was thinking something more portable. Any other ideas?jay G. this a look. I hunt out of a Poke Boat most of the time, so that becomes my seat when I am in the water.There are some different swapseats available through either Macks Prairie Wings or similar hunting catalog. They look pretty handy to have and after standing next to a tree in this button bush choked swamp today, I might have to have me one too! Unless I can find a spot to attach a base of a deer stand.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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