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Blaser F16 opinions

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Anyone have high round count in their F16? They aren't super common and I want to know more about them.
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I had a 30" F16 Field gun. It handled great and shot extremely well. I liked it better than any field gun I've ever owned. It was in my opinion near the perfect field shotgun for me. Except, it was extremely sensitive to ammo and would consistently misfire most ammunition, including anything from Fiocchi, anything European, anything from estate and a few others. It was consistent with AAs and most Winchester ammo and if I remember correctly, some of the Remington ammo. I can't remember how it did with Federal other than it did misfire Estate. I called Blaser and their gunsmith's advice was to only use ammunition that consistently fired in the gun, which didn't sit well with me given the price point of the gun.

I told a friend who was a big fan of Blaser products about my problem with the gun, and he said he didn't think there was an issue and wanted to make a trade for gun. I asked him about it a few months later and he told me he wasn't having any problems. Eventually, he traded my F16 for an identical F16 with nicer wood. The last time I remember shooting with him, he was shooting the second F16 and it was misfiring exactly like the first one.

If they've worked the misfiring problem out, they are incredible guns.
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I probably put 2-3,000 rounds through mine. The only issues I had were the misfiring and the wood finish wore REALLY quickly. I would've fixed the finish and kept it if it wasn't for the misfiring issue.
If I remember correctly, I called Blaser in San Antonio. If they've worked out those issues, I would love to have another one. Though, last I checked, they are more expensive than what I paid a few years ago.
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