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Boito O/U

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Has anyone had any experionce with a Boito(Brazil) Over/Under? I'm being offered one for a very reasonable price I think.
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Do a search for Stoger Condor or Armantino...
There may indeed be a reason it is "reasonable"? They are cheapies. My taste runs much higher in quality than that. Only way I'd take one is if it were free, but your viewpoint may well be different. Sometimes even cheap isn't reasonable!

Most gunsmiths will not attempt to repair any Boito because parts are nonexestant and the heat treat on the metal is poor. The company did make at least one fair quality gun(saw one in Brasil) but these SxSs were never imported to the US. Boito shotguns have a very poor rep here and I would advise you to save your money and shop other lines.

Bye the way,the advice that you got on *********** was right on the money. :wink:
Given that you can buy a Condor starting at $300 it would have to be a pretty good price to be tempting. I also am not sure about getting service from Stoeger on a Boito, but you could probably get a part if needed. I believe that the Condor is a better gun that the price might suggest. The Condor/Boito is an unadorned yet functional shotgun that shoots fine. There doesn't appear to be a problem with the heat treating on the one I own or others that I know of. Perhaps this was an issue on earlier models. You might want to check the forum for more info on the Condor.
I know these are utilitarian guns, but why does Boito get such a bad rap.I have an old F.I.E. SXS that was bought in '76 and it still shoots like new. I don't know how many shells have been through it, but it has been alot.
A lot is a relative thing. To some folks a few boxes of shells a year is a lot, to others 25,000 shells a year is a light year. The cheapies won't handle that!

I have a 12 ga 2 3/4 28" barrell Boito O/U. It is a total piece of crap. Besides the fact that it won't hit anything consistently, you have to break it over your knee to reload it. Crude, poor quality and heavy as hell. I bought a Stoeger Uplander and love it. There is no comparison between the 2 guns.
Relative or not, I'm talking about cases not boxes.
I acquired a 12 gauge Boito from a deceased relative. Mine has K-mart engraved on one of the barrels, so you can imagine who was selling these guns many years ago. As previously noted, the gun is roughly manufactured and you sometimes have to bend it over your knee to open the action (the firing pins do not rebound after firing). In spite of these shortcomings, mine goes bang every time I pull the triggers and clay targets break if I aim it properly. This is hardly a tournament grade gun but for occasional use it is serviceable. It makes a pretty good hunting gun, because who cares if you get it scratched or dented.
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