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Shot a bunch of doves with them yesterday. I used Active hulls, old "max-fire 220" primers, 3 1/2 drams 2F, a card wad+1/4" filler, 1 1/8 #7 1/2. I dunked the filler wads in melted crisco and let them cool on paper towel.

These loads are indestenguishable from modern shells performance wise. I outshot my buddy who used a SBE with 1 1/2 oz #8 handloads. True it is more about where you point the gun. But I have to say I was impressed. These are my best BP loads so far.

The gun is a nice Sauer double. No cleaning in the field was done. At home clean up was a four patch deal. I flush the bores with lots of hot water from my laundry sink before any patches. One dry patch, then one moose milk patch, a dry patch ( it is coming out clean now) then a Balistol patch. These shells shot very clean for BP.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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