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Last minute after shooting my CZ Woodcock today I decided to buy this. Just felt so good. Fit so well. Wasn’t planning on it. Loved the CZ. Only complaint was it was a bit light. Messing around in the store after my second 50 of sporting clays today and randomly grabbed this. Man the BR110 sporting x just shouldered great. Balance is great too. Going to shoot some cosmic clays to test it later this week
How would you compare the BR110 to your Citori CX (fit/finish/quality/etc...)?

The BR110 is now on my short list of o/u's.
(I'm considering CZ/FAIR/B. Rizzini/Browning)

I can pick up a Citori CX White for basically the same price as the BR110, but the BR110 has more features (namely an adjustable stock)

Cole's is now an authorized service center for B. Rizzini, so that's kinda' pushing me in that direction...

Thank you


(sorry, just another quick question... Is your Sporter X 30" or 32"?)
1 - 2 of 21 Posts