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Braggin rights!

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My friend ,His 12 yr old son and I went shootin yesterday.I shot 25/25! Whhohoo! My friend shot 20/25. Then his kid wanted to try it. After we gave him a quick heads up on safety and let him shoot my Mossberg 500 12 ***** a few times just to know how it feels he said he was ready to try the clays.This kid has never shot anything more than a BB gun.Kid shot 19/25 and a 17/25!Impressed me to say the least.
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That kid does a [email protected] fine job. Sometimes i wonder if the kids i "coach" on could outshoot me. Kid's amaze me with how well they can do. (darn little stinkers and their youth) Fantastic!! "Head on the stock, eye on the rock." Browning, The Best there is because second best is well...second best
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