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recieved this gun from my grandfather and am having a hard time finding good info about it..

Its a 12 ga breda semi-auto with a 25 in. floating barrel.

the markings on the barrel are..

44 24 07mia
acciao breda c4
cal 20,c 17,3
cam 70 1852

it has a thumb safety located on the right side, and a shell stop on the left.

made in italy for contiental arms corp. new york

I usually use it for a quail/pheasant gun but was going to try my hand at duck this year so I need to make sure i can shoot steel.

Thanks in advance for any reply !!!

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I have a Breda Brescia Semi auto Browning Longaction....Floating barrel?
I had a European Full choke on the 29" barrel which is tighter than American Full choke so in order to shoot steel for waterfowl I've had it honed out to a wide modified and it works very well ....pattern at 35 yds with #2 steel is about 14" and at 50 yards it's close to 3 feet.

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General informantion:
Breda is the main italian arms industry and makes most of the barells and metals for all the other italian gunmakers.

The gun should be of reasonable quality.

Though you probably know it it appears to be a 20 gauze gun,

for 2 3/4 shells. 1852 is either the wight or the proof pressure.

I am not sure that 1951 is the date.. its probably the weight of the barells.

The dates after 1940 were given in roman numerals so post any roman numerals you find on the gun.

here is bredas link in italy
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