These are the Briley UltraLite weight Companion drop in 32" universal tube set. They fit 12ga barrels. They have 100 rounds through each set. Both 28ga and the 410 set have IC and MOD chokes in them. Other chokes are available from Briley if you desire different. Comes with choke wrench, drive in and out tool, hammer and instructions. I put these tubes in an old Caesar Guerini hard case that is included in the sale. They work as they should, I just want a 3 barrel set instead. Free shipping in the lower 48. Thanks.

From Brileys site:
Companion Drop-In Tube Set, Ultralite. If weight is a concern, such as for longer barrels, Ultralite tubes are the answer.

For 12 gauge O/U and SxS barrels. Comes with two flush chokes of your choice and a standard choke wrench . The advantage of the Companion series is that they are ready-made tubes that are shipped direct to you and do not require you to send in your barrel or gun. The Companions are universal in that they will fit in most barrels regardless of brand, meaning if you purchase a set for a Beretta barrel, you may also be able to use them in a Browning barrel of the same length. Companions are made for many brands: Beretta, Browning, Remington, Krieghoff, Perazzi, Winchester, etc. Contact Briley for other compatible brands.