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Brittany Update - Pics

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Well our Ginger is fitting in nicely. And what a handful!! She is 9 weeks now and a total doll.

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Why are puppies always so UGLY! Just kidding-You and I know that puppies are beautiful. Yours is some pretty and looks like she owns the place(as if mine doesn't).
and I thought I would never covet another dog again.....Damn!!!

She perfect you lucky dog.

Enjoy, Roger.
She's darling!!
Had to chime in here. There is nothing like a funny face Britt and I may have fallen for yours. Mine's a five year old male with a course coat. Just starting to calm down. Only have to say 'bird' and he'll be in the back of the truck (he;d heat the truck up if I gave him the keys.). I hunt with a few others and boy does he get pissed if I rotate him out to let the others dogs in on the fun (really he's good about working individually when others dogs are along, i.e. honoring). Best wishes to you and your gal.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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