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brown bear

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I have looked all over the web for the article about the brown bear that was shot in self defence, that might be a new world record. If any body has it or knows where where it is could you let me know or send it to me. e-mail is [email protected]
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Hey Casey,I haven't heard of it. If you find it be sure to post a link here. I'll see if I can find it too.thanks,Jay
I about died when I saw this photo about a year ago.....I cann't imagine having this Mother&*#@!r charging me!:eek Here's the It's an Urban Legends website, but they try to sort out the fact from fiction.
That is one big f*cker i would have popped so many caps in that thing. and i would have crapped my self Fantastic!! Browning, The Best there is because second best is well...second best.
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