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Browning A-5

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I just purchased a used Browning A-5 for my husband's birthday and was hoping you could give me a little back ground on it before I give it to him.

The barrel has Browning Arms Company, St. Louis MO. on it.

The serial number is 46

Can you tell me what year this gun was manufactured and an approximate value. Thanks for your assistance
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Are you positive the 46 isn't actually a 4G ? That would denote a Light Weight 12 ga from 1964.

As far as background, there's not enough that can be said about an A-5. Good quality solid gun.

If in good condition it should be valued anywhere from $350 - $400 with variances for different regions.
Thank you for your reply. Yes it is a 4G 66560 and it is a light twelve with two barrels and in excellent condition. The previous owner used a synthetic stock when hunting. I'm surprised :eek: to hear the value may be that low. I paid quite a bit more. I hope I wasn't taken. I was told that the gun is all Belgium made. We're not sure about the second barrel though, we think maybe it was made in Japan.
Lynda - Don't worry about the book price/value that Marlands probably has to give for a conservative online vaulation. Book value is LOW for Guns campared to real world resale - especially for a nice A5. I also a have nice '64 A5 and I wouldn't even think selling it for twice its listed book price - and probally would't even sell it then - and neither would most other owners of a good A5. NICE A5's ALWAYS get a BIG Premium - and two barrels - You did't get taken - you probably just got a real nice A5 - and they're hard to find... A good used barrel is $250 and you got TWO - plus the good GUN!!! ( one that someone respected eough to not beat up in the field by using a synthetic stock - I won't beat up mine in the field either) You just probably got a good one and believe me - they're more than worth it!

Congrats, Browning A5, the Best, forget the rest - It dont get any Better! ( except maybe with 2 barrels...)
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Lynda , BuckshotBob is correct on the Bluebook in most cases and the light Twelve is more than likely one of them. Especially in Pristine condition and with an extra barrel.

It's sort of hard to give an accurate valuation without the condition , here's the entire Bluebook valuation chart for the Light twelve see if you feel somewhat better after I'm done this time.

Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
FN model $650 $550 $450 $400 $375 $350 $325
FN-vent. rib $850 $725 $645 $575 $465 $435 $395

I gave you the range surrounding 80% condition for a plain barreled gun for the extra barrel you should add approx $200 to the value.
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