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I tried to look up the ser num in the Browning documents, but the number is lower than their lowest, they said numbers were not available for the first couple of decades, early 1900s.

I know it says "Belgium" on it somewhere, but not in my pictures (I can email them).

Receiver has vine & leaves engraving on R side plus similar vine & leaves on L side with centered "BROWNING" (top line), "TRADE MARK" (second line), with Mr B's profile portrait between the "TRADE" and "MARK". Below the leading scroll is "B16391".

Barrel has "PPP PPP" and a heart (pointing towards last P) on it's side hand stamped onto one side of it. Also has a choke on it, originality is not known. No rib, has engraved squiglies front to back where rib would be.

On the other side is "BROWNING ARMS COMPANY ST LOUIS M" (etc) plus some odd markings & "SPECIAL STEEL 12 GAUGE STEEL" and "2 3/4", if I'm seeing correctly (bad picture, gun is stored).

Safety is behind the trigger.

The stock is well checkered and has the rounded knob where the pistol grip flows into the shoulder stock.

Forestock is well checkered but is cracked & missing a small chunk, showing the spring underneath.

Wood is still original and almost looks orange under strong light.

At age 15 (or so), my dad bought this gun used, from the old, old neighbor, in around 1945(???)

Condition is OK, only damage is to the forestock, a trusted old companion that went deer hunting with dad for all of his adult life.

Thanks, and it is available, I have no use for it.

OK, ALMOST ancient (65 years seems ancient)
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