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Browning A5 Light 12 VR

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I have a Browing Lightweight 12ga G528xx gold trigger with a VR. It is all original. The barrel woodstock has a hairline crack which someone told me was common. It is Belgium made I am told. How do I determine what the value is since someone wants to buy it. After reading the articles here I want to make sure I am being fair. Also where do you get all the info on the barrel markings etc?
Appreciate any helpful advice!
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it's a 1957....

Did you read the Light 12 values thread from a week or so back? If so, then you know what the values are and I'm guessing you just need to know how to determine which value to use correct?

the percent system used by the Bluebook basically goes by the percent of finish left and damage (scratches on the wood , hairline cracks etc.)

guilelines are on this page ... in&UID=368

The right column is what you'll need also take a look at the NRA standards
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