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My friend and I are attempting to get his grandfather's Browning A5 back into full working order. From the serial number, this weapon appears to have been manufactured by Remington on behalf of Browning during WWII. As far as we can tell, all parts save the one I mention replacing below are original to the weapon.

After replacing a broken part (I don't have the exact name of it, but the part number is B1111247...listed in the parts manual as a "link") we are now encountering the following issue: The weapon will feed and fire shells like a champ. No problems. However, if the bolt shuts on an empty chamber, it is darn near impossible to open again. It takes extreme force to get the bolt to budge at all, but once it moves, it will go back and forth freely, with no binding or other problems. Only when the bolt locks into battery will it not come free again. As a side note, this part was cracked clean through, hence the need for replacement.

When the weapon is partially broken down (barrel and stock removed, springs on feed tube removed, feeding ramp assembly removed, trigger group removed), the same thing happens while moving it manually by hand, except if you remove the rear spring assembly, and pull the rear part of the sear (the abovemented part #) down. It then comes free immediately. Without the barrel on the weapon, the bolt moves freely on its springs, with no binding or other apparent stoppages. It does so with and without the charging handle attached.

I'm sorry I'm not incredibly up on the terminology for most of these parts. I'll be happy to elaborate as much as needed. Our current hope is that this can be fixed fairly easily and inexpensively, or that it is a "duh" problem.

Thanks for any help you folks can provide. :D


My immediate thought is that the link needs to be fitted by a gunsmith familiar w/ the A-5. One of two situtations seems to be hapening. The new link is either too long (being new or not as worn) or too short(due to the degree of wear of your gun) and when in battery, under full pressure it is locking the mechanism.

I do not think it is a good idea to shoot the gun until it it functions properly. When you discharge your gun there is approx. 8 - 10 thousand pounds of pressure that is over comming the jammed up link and more than likely something else is going to give way :cry: .

Good luck and be careful ! ! ! joe
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