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Browning Auto-5 Value

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Hi i have found some imformation out about my gun and i think that it is a browning auto-5 that was made between 1903 and 1939. This gun was made in beguim by the company Fabrique Nationals for browning. The number is located just infront of where the shell in placed to load. The websites have indicated that shotgune is very collectable and could be worth alot of money anyone have any advice as how to find the value as i would love to restore this weapon and put it on display
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You'd be better of going to the specific Browning forum on this forum for the dating quesiton.

As far as value goes, conditon matters.

Is in NIB (new In box) condition or RCP (Rusty Canoe Paddle) condition?

Or just 70 years old an in used but functioning condition?

Browning made thousands and thousands of these guns and other manufacturers made versions too.

By the way, a "restored" gun has no collector value.
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Post the serial number with the last two numbers Xed out. We can date the gun from this.

As MD said, unless the gun is NIB of a very high grade gun in exellent shape the value as a collector item is very limited. If you restore it it will be worth about 1/2 of what it was before the restoration.

Most average pre-WWII A5s run in the $200-$300 range unless they have been "restored" or modified.
My reply was full of misspellings.

MD said:
My reply was full of misspellings.

Dyslexia perhaps?? :roll:
That's an odd comment.

I've been a working journalist since 1990, don't ever get complaints about my spelling. Usually my spelling errors in my drafts are as a result of haste because I bang off replies on sites like this in a hurry and then go back to work.

That was meant to be funny!!!

99.9 percent of the input on these forums contain misspellings; butchered English; no punctuation, etc.

Most of them I have to read 2 or 3 times to figure out the question or the answer! :oops:
Yes Conman,

I know what you mean "Internet forum Dyslexia" also known as "fasttriggerfingeritus."
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