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Browning Auto 5

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For me, the Browning Auto 5, 12 gauge, is the right shotgun. Once it'sproperly set up for the load you're using, it's perfectly reliableand it's a fine gun in every respect. It's the Rolls Royce of semiautoshotguns.CJ
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My grandfather bought an A5 about 40 years ago and I have it now. It really is a great shotgun and I will never change it for nothig. It´s reliable, acuratte and good looking. In my 20 years of shooting it I don´t recall a single malfunction on it. It´s really the best.
CJ & Melrd, I cannot agree with you more. The only short comings that I can see in the A5 are that it was never made in a left handed model,it was never made in 28ga or .410br, and some folks that are not used to them have trouble shooting "over the hump".
I *LOVE* my A5! Theres barely any recoil, or at least the recoil there is is no problem for a big guy like me. The bolt closing is basically my favorite sound ever.

My A5 was given to me as a birthday present, and all the older guys at my trap club with their fancy berettas came over and reminiced about how much they loved their A5s and how they wish they had never gotten rid of them. (Boy, do i still want me one of those fancy berettas though ;) )

Its definatly a fun gun. One of my favorites that i've ever shot. My other shotgun, a savage 16 gauge pump, is fun too, but i just seem to shoot SO MUCH better with the A5.
I am with you Zen, the sound the bolt makes is priceless!!! :D

My dad shoots A5's and his dad before him shot A5's. So naturally when I started shooting an auto they handed me an A5. First gun was a SBS 20 ga.

Since that was pretty much the only auto I had ever shot, I thought all guns shot as nice and were as accurate, reliable and pretty as the A5's. WRONG!

Any time I shoot a friend's gun i just dont hit as well as with my A5. I haven't found one yet that I would trade either of my A5's for!!! :D
just for giggles, guess what type of gun won the first world championship sporting clays shoot? you have three guesses. :lol:

hint: it had a recoiling barrel, a hump, was made in belgium and did NOT jam! :D
I have a Mag 12. I don't hunt with it any longer but do use it for busting clays. I still love the way this gun swings. It has an unique feel to it when shooting and I also love the sound of the bolt slamming shut. It sounds like a tuning fork ringing. They are a lost art as far as quality.
I think it's kind of funny. I've owned nearly every kind of gun known to man. Shot lots of different shotguns over the years and somehow never owned an A5. I recently ran across a good deal on a light 20 and bought it. It is now my favorite shotgun. You are correct when you say they are the Rolls Royce of shotguns. I have other shotguns, that are really nice, a Beretta AL391 sporting 12, an 1100 skeet 20ga, a Beretta A390 competition, but lately they've been gathering dust while I enjoy the Browning. I've even contemplated giving one or two of the others to my stepson.
I'm so used to looking from behind that hump back receiver, that nothing else looks right to me.
My stepson and I shoot a lot of skeet, I thumped him so soundly the last few outings with the A5 that he doesn't share my same love for that shotgun.
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I have to agree with Bob! That damned hump, as those not in love with the A5 call it, gives me a perfect sight picture everytime!!!
Check out my photos of the humpless A5 in the Photo area under Shotgun Photos.
Check out my photos of the humpless A5 in the Photo area under Shotgun Photos.
A5guy, very interesting. Are there more? I could only the one photo.

I have a 12ga A5 I bought from Maomart the last year they were made. I love that gun. There was a 20 ga that I'm kicking myself for not buying at the same time also. I always keep my eye out for another one.
Those A5s will wear out, in 4 or 5 lifetimes.
A5G---If I ever win the lottery, I plan to start a company that will produce A-5s in a true left-hand configuration, and with more length and drop to the stock. That will be the ultimate shotgun. 8)
Gordon, I'd sure buyone! Even though I am righthanded. :lol:
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