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Browning BPS Hunter

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just ordered one

12 gauge
3 inch chamber
28 inch barrel
wood stock

who has one and what do you think. I chose this over a left handed remington 870 Express
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The BPS's Ithaca-derrivitive action design is quite elegant. It's nice that they didn't have to cut the reciever on either side.

I was wondering if it'd make it tougher to clean? I'm about to part with my Benelli SBE and might consider one in 10ga to replace it...
Oh, I'm picking up a Teknys in addition to the BPS, and I won't miss the SBE. It doesn't fit me...

I still want to have a dedicated waterfowl gun. The SBE was it, now maybe it'll be the BPS in 10ga.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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