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Browning BT-99

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I got into trap shooting this fall and was using a Remington 870 Express. Long story short, I had a conversation with my Dad on the phone and told him I was shooting trap and what I was shooting and how I was shooting, (poorly). He explained that he had an "old" trap gun that he hadn't used in 20 years that he would like to send me. what I ended up with is a beautiful Browning BT-99 12ga with one barrel with full choke. I would estimate it at 90% conservatively. Any ideas what this gun may be worth??
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Edited - For all those trying to figure out what the heck I was talking about when I posted here, I was reading another thread on the BPS in another browser window and posted to the wrong one. I'll just clean out the gibberish.
The BT-99 is a Browning single shot trap gun. Today, they sell the BT-99, the BT-99+, and the BT-100. At least, I THINK they still sell the BT-99. It's possible that it may have been discontinued.

The price for a new BT-99 today is somewhere around $900. I believe they come with removable chokes although it might be possible to get one with a fixed choke if you want it.

This is definitely a trap gun and would have little use or application for anything else. In 90% condition, I would estimate its worth to be about $600. That's just my guestimate.
I appreciate your response. The gun has more sentimental value to me than anything because my dad gave it to me. Was just curious to see what it might be worth. Thanks again!
Your Bt is worth Between $600 to $800 .They only make the
99's now. Yours is a more popular model because of it's age
forend and the engraving. As with anything i find with gun's
price is determined more by the buyer than anything else.
I've paid way more for guns than they were worth just because
i wanted them, and at the same time i've gotten a lot of good
deal's. Make sure to thank your father as he has given you a
great trapgun. trapman69
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