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Browning Citori 525 Field /vs/ Beretta Silver Pegion

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Good Morning Shutgunners,

A week back or so I had posted a a question that I was looking to by my first shotgun. Of course I have a faily expensive taste. I had at that time rounted my choice down to three:

Winchester Supreme Select, Field
Remington Model 332
Browning Citori 535 Field

After shooting on the eastern shore of Maryland this week, I had a chance to shoot both the Browning Citori 525 Field 28" and also a Beretta Silber Pegion S 28".

They both felt good in my hands. They both cost about the same price where I shot but of course the 525 is hard to get. I am not sure which one to buy. I need some opinions. I know everyone loves browning but if you're going to tell me to go browning, can you tell me why not Beretta. Also, I have seen some browning rifles that say "made in japan" on the receiver. Where are browning manufactured?
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Browning is out of Finland I believe or some european country.

Browning is a good gun but I am in love with my Beretta 687 ultralight. It fits perfect and the balance/swing is awesome. Customer service at Beretta is top notch as well. Bought the gun, the safety stuck more then my liking so sent it in and came back perfect, they even adjusted the trigger so I can shoot snap caps out of it and it will set the second firing pin. Looking at getting my second Beretta.
All Browning Citori shotguns are made by Miroku in Japan. I love my Brownings, but really like the looks of the Silver Pigeon II 28 gauge ( I dig that deep relief engraving!!). Either gun that you choose, the B525 or the Silver Pigeon S will be an excellent choice and provide years if not generations of service and enjoyment. Buy the one that appeals to you most, get it properly fitted, and never second guess yourself. You can't go wrong.
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