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Browning Citori 525 field

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OK Shotgunners!

After Shooting at a range this weekend, comparing the following O/U models:

Winchester Supreme Select, Field
Remington Model 332
Browning Citori 535 Field

I rounded down my choice to the Browning Citori 525 Field 12 ga with 28" barrol. This would be used for upland, maybe some clays, and just an all around shotgun. Hopefully I will hear positive feedback to make my final selection easier but I am welcoming all opinions and comments. Please give me your thoughts on this specific Browning.

Thanks All

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In my humble opinion I would opt for the three you described in this order: Browning, Browning, Browning, and Browning! The other two would come as a close next and last with the Winchester just ever so slightly ahead of the Remington. I believe Winchester significantly improved thier Supreme from what thier first intorduction was, and I saw nothing about the Remington that got MY blood pressure up any. It is a 332, not a 32. I'm not a big 32 or 3200 fan anyhow. The 525 is somewhat more money than the Winchester and Remington and I think you will get what you pay for. That said, I looked at several 525s recently and one I fondled at Cabela's had a fairly poor piece of kindling on it that was desguised as a butt stock! Poor piece of sap wood that couldn't hold checkering! Sad fact, the kid behind the counter couldn't see or understand what I was talking about. I suppose he will get wiser with age?

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