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Browning Citori 525 field

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OK Shotgunners!

After Shooting at a range this weekend, comparing the following O/U models:

Winchester Supreme Select, Field
Remington Model 332
Browning Citori 535 Field

I rounded down my choice to the Browning Citori 525 Field 12 ga with 28" barrol. This would be used for upland, maybe some clays, and just an all around shotgun. Hopefully I will hear positive feedback to make my final selection easier but I am welcoming all opinions and comments. Please give me your thoughts on this specific Browning.

Thanks All

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I have not shot Citori 525, but it looks like a good gun. What did you think of the Remington & Winchester over/unders?
Thanks Scott, I am planning on buying a over/under in the near future. So far I have considered the 3 you have listed & also the Beretta Silver Pigeon S.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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