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Browning Citori Nickel

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I looked at one of the new Browning Citori grey laminate nickel finish shotguns last week. That is one sweet looking firearm.

My only question is how durable is the nickel finish? Is it as durable as stainless?

I have always thought about the Ruger stainless, but Ruger O/U's don't fit me well. I know Browning and a few others offer camo models in O/U's now, but I would rather have an O/U that would be nice to shoot sporting clays as well as to take duck hunting.

Any input would be appreciated.
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I have handled a Wichester Super X3 and it is a nice gun, I would prefer an O/U though at this point. I already have a benelli Supersport that I love for clay shooting, but can't take it to a duck blind.
Gotta have the bling! Just kidding.
I just had to have the bling, not really, I wanted corrosion resistance and just to be different than everyone else. I also think this gun is heavier than the Lightning, though not according to Browning. I am sensitive to recoil after a bad Franchi experience and heavier the better. This gun is FANTASTIC. Best gun I've ever had.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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