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The Weatherby is another example of an American company that has never manufactured anything themselves. First, they used FN actions. Then, they had their guns made in Germany. Later Japan, and a few in Italy. Today, the famous Weatherby Mark V is made in the United States, and their shotguns are made in Italy. The Vanguard is still made in Japan. But, to my knowledge, Weatherby has never, ever owned and operated a manufacturing plant.

When the Japanese started manufacturing cars in the United States, I heard people complain that the American made cars weren't as well made as the Japanese. The dealers swore there wasn't a speck of difference between the two, and if anything the American made ones were slightly better. But you still heard it.

The American public says it wants American made goods, and then goes out and actually buys foreign made goods. You can even charge more money for some foreign made goods, and the customer seems to like it that way. Cars, cigarettes, liquour, pens, watches, pocket knives, beer, wine, and guns all come to mind. But the foreign goods have to come from the "right" countries to command the premium dollars. If they are made in China, Taiwan, Phillipines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, or Mexico they aren't usually telling you about it in big, bold letters.

I own a beautiful Crescent tool set that was made in Taiwan. Not a single piece of the set has any marks telling where it was made, on the tools themselves. Only tiny, tiny print on the back of the bubble wrap the kit came in betrayed it's origin. If they had been made in Germany, or the United States, every tiny little part would have been stamped with the country of orgin.

I read somewhere that the United States still manufactures 75 percent of the products sold in our domestic market, down from 90 per cent ten years ago. And, in spite of all our woes, the USA is still the largest exporter of goods and services, by far, in the world. We aren't gaining any ground, but we still have a long way to fall.
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