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Q looking at a used Belgium made auto 5 light twenty 2.75",
26" barrel.......anyone know value.............90% both wood
\ metal..................
- 12 or 20 ga., recoil operated, 26, 28, and 30 in. barrels, various chokes, scroll engraved receiver, checkered pistol grip stock, approx. 10 oz. lighter than Standardweight, mfg. 1952-1976 by FN and 1976-1998 by Miroku in Japan. Over 2,750,000 A-5s were mfg. by FN in all configurations between 1902- 1976.
100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$650 $550 $450 $400 $375 $350 $325 FN model
$850 $725 $645 $575 FN-vent. rib
Add 10% for 20 ga. with VR"

Q Hopefully someone here can help. I'm trying to date a Belgium Browning auto 5 that I have.The number I can find is on the rim of the shell feed and is:195023

A Thanks for visiting!
If 195023 is actually the serial number then the production date is 1937.
100% 98% 95%
Grade 1 $675 $575 $475
Solid matte rib $750 $675 $575
With vent. rib $825 $725 $650
Grade 2.(disc.1940) $1,350 $1,100 $925
Solid matte rib $1,525 $1,350 $1,100
With vent. rib $1,695 $1,500 $1,250
Grade 3.(disc. 1940) $2,625 $2,350 $2,100
Solid matte rib $2,800 $2,500 $2,250
With vent. rib $3,195 $2,795 $2,475
Grade 4.(disc. 1940) $3,995 $3,655 $3,300
Solid matte rib $4,350 $3,995 $3,655
It's tough to tell the 'Grade' that you have so I have included the list above from the Blue Book of Gun Values.

Q Auto-5 Magnum Twenty [/b]
Serial #: 7X 11073
FN on stock plate
Barrel Stamped with ** Special Steel..........for 3" Shells
From what I can find on the web the gun was made in 1967 and the X denotes that it is a 3" gun. 11073 is just this guns number in the line for that year. ** means the barrel is a modified choke. F/N signifies a Belgium gun.

A As near as I can tell you are correct about the serial numbers.
Browning has a Manual online at

Browing 16 ***** automatic shotgun, with the following markings:
On Underside of wood foregrip: BROWNING 3 SHOT On Barrel SIDE: ** SPECIAL STEEL-16 *****-SHELLS 2 9/16"
On Underside of Receiver: FN (inside a circle) and then the numbers 125518 (serial #?)
On side of Receiver: P.V
On side of Receiver: 518
Many other assorted markings here and there.
Well, that's pretty much it, any ideas? I'm mainly hoping to find the actual name/model of this gun, and the year it was made. Also I want to find an approximate value for the gun as well.
A From The Gun Traders Guide: "pre-war guns were also available in a 3 shot model" which should mean two in the magazine and one more in the chamber. since the five shot models held four in the mag and one more chambered.
It sounds a lot like a standard model , grade 1 plain barrel which could be valued as high as $395 depending on condition.


Q ....I just acquired a Browning Citori Invector Plus 12 Ga OU but, looking in the Blue Book of Gun Values, I can't figure out what I have...too many there a site that explains the variants?

A is a short page that explains the difference between grades, and also contains contact info for more specific questions. It's about the best chance you got because the variations are so wide.

Q ..A friend of mine has a Browning Citori Sporting Clays model 425 Grade 1 for sale. The gun is well used, but in very good condition. It has 6 Briley chokes included. There is no hard case with the gun. Also the gun is apx. 10 years old. Please give me your thoughts on how much you think this gun and chokes would be worth.

A ......Not sure about the Briley chokes but the Blue Book says the gun is worth:

100% = $2,800
98% = $2,050
90% = $1,200

If it has the adjustable comb then add $200.

unlisted Citori Serial number grades
The serial # is XXXX4PZ1B3 = GRADE-1 SKEET MODEL


Q ...I have a browning side by side 20 ga. in pretty pristine condition. Can you give me an idea of its value? no numbers on the barrel, I bought it about twenty years ago, The only
markings i can find or BSS special. Its a unit built in Korea.

A .....It's either the Browning BSS (standard)
"12 or 20 ga., 26, 28, or 30 in. barrels, various chokes, boxlock, auto ejectors, checkered pistol grip stock, beavertail forearm, selective single trigger. Mfg. 1971-1988 by Miroku.
100% = $895 %90= $448"

BSS Grade II
"Satin greyed steel receiver featuring an engraved pheasant, duck, quail and dogs. Disc. 1983."
100% = $1100 %90= $700
Browning BSS Sidelock
"12 or 20 ga., engraved sidelock action in satin grey finish, ST, 26 or 28 in. barrels, English select walnut stock, splinter forend. Mfg. 1983-1988 in Miroku in Japan."
100% = $2000 %90= $1100

Twelvette double

I looked all over that 2 shot auto, all I found was BROWNING'BELGIUM
BOTTOM OF RECIEVER WAS A15 016 c''980 elc and a lot of silver etching on a
silver rec. the 2nd. shot loads on the left spent shells out the bottom. the
rib bar. special steel -blue
It was a TWELVETTE DOUBLE A person that worked for Browning for 30 yr. sent
me a picture of what I have.HE is in ST. LOUIS MO, So you was on the
ball.THIS one was made in the 60s thanks A LOT, FAR THE HELP IT WAS


Q I just bought an O/U browning 12ga. 2 trigger. serial # is 2043. it says
browning arms, st. louis, mo. on the barrel. all #'s match. it is in
excellent shape. I am wondering what the value is of this firearm? I believe
it was made @1930's. Do you have any idea on what it is worth?

A I'm guessing that you now own the Browning 'Superposed'. Manufacturing began in 1931.
From the Blue Book of Gun Values I would guess that your sub-model is the Grade1 Lightning.
Description -
The Grade I has a blued steel frame with hand engraved scroll and rosette patterns, checkered walnut stock and forearm. Grade I Standard was disc. 1973, Grade I Lightning (6 oz. lighter than Standardweight) was disc. 1976.

100%= $1,650
98%= $1,175
90%= $ 875

According to the Browning web site...
"Serial #'s 1-17,000 Exact production figures are not available. Year of manufacture on Pre-World War II production is strictly a guess at best."

I would advise that you get it professionally eppraised...If I'm wrong about the above then it might cost you a couple thousand dollars. Some of the Superposed's are worth $7,000.

Browning B-80

[/b]Q [/b] I have a Browning B-80 Ducks Unlimited Central Edition, "Plains" that I am interested in finding out what it is worth so I can sell it. The serial number is 83 DU #### it has never been fired, never had the bolt pulled back, is in the original Ducks Unlimited carrying case. Anybody got any ideas?

- 12 or 20 ga., 3 in. capability by changing barrel, gas operation, 4 shot, hunting models use choice of steel or aluminum receiver, anodized aluminum was used in the Superlight (12 ga. mfg. 1984 only), 6 to 8 lbs. 1 oz. Buck special disc. 1984. Components manufactured by Beretta of Italy and finished and assembled FN´s plant in Portugal. Mfg. 1981-late 1988, final inventory was sold in 1991. Invector chokes became standard in 1985.
100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$450 $375 $325 $295 $275 $250 $230

Non-lead in a Browning?

Q Can I safely shoot bismuth or composite shot out of it? Will steel cause me problems?

A According to Brownings FAQ section:
The Belgian-made A-5, Superposed, Leige, and other Belgian Over/Under models, Double Automatic, American-made A-5 and all other models not listed in category 1 or 2.
Note: Beligan Auto-5 barrels are interchangeable with the new Invector barrels which are made in Japan. With this new Invector barrel installed on the Belgian-made Auto-5 receiver, steel shot loads can be used.
The good news is that even if your model doesn't support steel shot they have other barrels you can buy that will.
You can call Browning's Consumer Department directly at: 800.333.3288 or 801.876.2711

Diana 4 barrel set

Browning 4 bbl set Diana grade
Q Where can one find the value of a Browning 4 barrel *Diana grade*? The 410 bbls have never been used
A Browning, Belgian
Model: Diana Grade, Four Barrel Set
Over/Under, 28" vent rib barrels, 12, 20, 28 and .410 choked skeet and skeet. Single selective trigger, automatic receiver beautifully engraved by J.M. Debrus in Diana pattern. Stock fitted with Browning rubber recoil pad with 14 5/8" L.O.P.
Unfired, in original box.

***********Assorted information*****************
Browning barrels interchangability
Browning barrels will not work in Remington or Savage, and vice versa. The big stumbling block is the ejector. On the Remington and Savage the ejector is a single hook brazed to the rear of the barrel extension. On the Browning the ejector is a pair of hooks. The bolts of each are slotted to fit their proper ejector. The wrong barrel won't clear the bolt and the ejector will get hammered if you try.
Barrels of the Remington and Savage shotguns have a limited potential to be interchangeable, due to the shell stop cam cuts. The cam cuts are beveled notches on the exterior of the barrel extension. They work the cartridge stop that prevents a second shell from feeding out of the magazine.
Slight variations of dimensions through the decades allows some barrels to work in both models. Like I said, "some". Most do not. The only way to be sure is to try it. Frist, try feeding dummy rounds, and if that works then test fire. The best idea is to buy the correct barrel for your gun.
Information from Gunsmithing: Shotguns, by Sweeney.

A-5 barrel serial number
Remove the barrel, and an turn it over so the portion of the barrel the barrel is upside down. On the portion where the barrel is machined to clear the recoil spring that is wrapped over the magazine tube, should be the last three digits of the serial number.

A-5 swivel stud original ? ........ I have a 196? auto 5 that came out with swivel and stud and slug barrel. I know the slug barrel says buck special, but I think most of them do.
* designates full choke (F).
*- designates improved modified choke (IM).
** designates modified choke (M).
**- designates improved cylinder choke (IC).
**$ designates skeet (SK).
*** designates cylinder bore (CYL).

The crossover years
After the German occupation put a stop to Belgian production, Remington made an American-Made Auto-5 for Browning. This was their Model 11, but included the magazine cut-off, which was not a part of the Model 11. U.S. entry into the War ended this production.
Remington resumed making the American-Made Auto-5 for Browning until the discontinued production of the Model 11 to introduce their new 11-49 autoloader.
FN resumes Auto-5 production.

I NOTE* sources indicate the Sweet Sixteen's production actually began in 1938 or 1939 but there is no srialization for Sweet 16 in those years , it was counted as the Lightweight model..
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