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BUL wear?

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Anyone else's BUL showing finish wear? I have worn a good bit of the bluing off of the safety button head, and starting to wear the plastic wood grain cover off of the stock in places.

Of course, it has had use and abuse. That is what I bought it for. Over 50 birds this season, mostly pheasants. Two turkeys hunted like pheasants. And lots of range use.

Numerous long shots, this last trip, late season, educated birds, if you didn't take long ones, you just didn't get any! 25, 30, or more, feet of lead to kill them at 50 to 70 yards. Bird killing machine! (That Annie Oakley practice at close to 90 degrees sure helped! The wobble skeet from the 35 yard line didn't hurt either!)

Been carrying the M2 for back up and real bad weather, but haven't had it out of the bag.

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Mine didn't get the field time as yours this year unfortunately but I have put several thousand rounds through it. Only sign of wear is around the ejection port with just a little bluing coming off. Last couple of years I have been wearing gloves all year for better grip and think that may have helped?

Like you said got it for field use and abuse so if it does wear not too worried about it. Heck as well as it shoots I don't really care what it looks like, LOL if we cared we wouldn't have the polychoke on it eh? The look has kind of grown on me though and seems pretty normal now, it isn't coming off now except for cleaning :D

That WeatherCoat finish held up against a pretty nasty scratch I tried to give it by accident a couple of months ago but wondered how well it will hold up against constant carry in the field.
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Hi fellows,

I bought both a SBE II and BUL early in '07. Sold the SBE II and kept the BUL. It fits me much better. I never could get the SBE II stock set up so it felt right in the field. It was great shooting skeet though.

Anyway, a question: Are you using the Poly choke or the Truglo?

I'm thinking of trying one on the BUL.

It sounds like you like them just fine.

Jugchoke are you using that choke for those very long shots?
What shells are you using?

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Peacore I'm using the polychoke recommended by jugchoke. His shooting style is very much like mine so I followed his lead and can't thank him enough. It really helps the swing, a lot. Can't bring myself to put a stock adjuster or shell catcher on it like him but I should just break down and do it, it is only a matter of time LOL. Went back and forth with taking the polychoke off for hunting but the bottom line is it works so it stays. Only complaint I have is that the balance chances so that when I carry the gun in my right hand hanging down along my side walking up a hill at the end of the day with my butt dragging the bolt handle gets in the way of my hand. First auto I have ever owned so it took a little getting used to. But is the only gun I use in the field now. There are several O/U's in the safe that haven't seen daylight since I got the BUL.

Have not got the polychoke to the pattern board yet but from the many rounds I've put through it I'm impressed.
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