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Hello everybody. This is Remington. Jay made a post above that some of you found confusing, and he has asked to make another post about barter and

My company, Remington Investment, Inc., consults corporations and individuals on matters related to barter. Barter is a wonderful business, requires very little cash investment in inventory, and can be run from your home over a computer.

The average exchange in barter of two people does $1.7 million in gross trading, which is quite exceptional.

The people that have taken our consulting barter a wide variety of proprietary products from chemical dependency treatment to shotguns.

What we try to do is to put together a specialty, like shotguns, and then put people around that specialty, and if you love guns this is a wonderful opportunity as we have handguns and shotgun consulting available to you for barter.

You will barter most of the guns to corporations and they donate the guns to conservation groups, you can barter to gun clubs who use them as raffles, and to dealers for equalizing inventory.

We can plug you into the most sophisticated software in the world to handle the trades. Just three years ago this business would not have been possible because of the complexity of the accounting, and now you can do it out of your home.

So how does work into all of this? Jay will pay for 1/2 of your consulting fees, IF you will include ad space on his site as part of your barter offerings.

However, Jay maintains that if he is going to pay for 1/2 of the consulting fees he wants you to be either a good salesman or have great heart to be a sales person.

You do have to position any guns with an FFL so that you are not actively in the gun business as a proprietary person. You cannot make a market in guns without being a licensed FFL.

Jay needs two more people, and I just know there is an ex-stockbroker, ex-real estate agent, ex-advertising sales, ex-car sales, ex-some kind of sales person that would like to have a nice business for themselves.

You can either contact Jay on this website or contact Remington Investment, Inc. at [email protected]

We want to emphasize that we are not offering business opportunity...just consulting. You would own this business completely by yourself.

With Jay paying 1/2 of your consulting fees you could not possibly get into a profitable business such as this for such a small amount of money.
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