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Cabela's in Maine

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Here's an article about Cabela's searching for sites to locate new stores,they have already announced that East Hartford CT is the site of a acabela's,to open in 2007.

I truly hope that they situate here in Maine also.Scarboruogh is just down the road from me,it would be awesome!!

They are also talking about NH and MA. :D
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GSPgal said:
Dogman, I'm planning to be in the Yarmouth, ME area a bit in spring and summer. Not too far from Scarborough. Any clubs open to the public for trap on the weekends? How about upland, does ME stock like MA does?
Theres a club in Scarborough and theres the Gorham/Windham club but I don't have any current info on what they have for the general public.If I come up with anything I'll send it along.
Graywood333 summed up the pheasant situation for Maine,don't chase them much myself,I preffer woodcock,grouse and waterfowl.
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