Used CG Summit Sporter in 12 gauge with 32 inch barrels. Gun is in nice condition with very low usage and round count in its 11 or so years life time. The gun has been a safe queen for most of its life. I am the second owner. First owner bought it to use for competition here locally but as a small man soon decided the heavier sporting gun with 32 inch barrels was too heavy to run all day and parked it in favor of the field style gun he still shoots today. I bought it in later 2020 to scratch another O/U itch but recently came to the decision that my best days and shooting results are with my gas guns. I cannot shoot heavy volume through a fixed breach gun and enjoy it. I ran approximately 1500 rounds through the gun myself and in total, the estimated round count is ballpark of 2500.

I have added more views including closeups of both sides of the receiver. Those two views show some light scratches on both sides of receiver. I suspect it is scratches in the coating that CG applies. They stand out more prominently in the closeups than to the eye in real time but they are visible. I had actually forgotten about them until I viewed the closeups. The original owner disclosed them to me when I purchased the gun. I don't see any dings or defects on the wood surfaces.

Offered at $3000 shipped from my FFL to yours or if you are in the NE we may be able to arrange a face to face so you can see and even shoot the gun. I shoot mostly in Maine but do travel some for work and to shoot further out than my home state.

The sale at $3000 includes the gun, CG hard case, cloth sleeves for the stock and barrels and a pair of CG factory flush modified chokes with wrench. Choke system is Maxis.

This gun deserves to be in the hands of someone that will get it out of the safe on a regular basis and let it work. It is a lovely piece and should be owned by someone that can use it regularly and enjoy it.