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Can anyone tell me a good starter Muzzleloader?

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I know this might not be the best board to post this, but you guys have a bunch of knowledge and have helped me with my A5 and ther shotguns before.

I went pheasant hunting on opening day last weekend and because you guys helped me with my friction ring problem, I was able to get my first pheasant of the season.

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The Knight USAK American Knight, is a good rifle to start with. This is what I have and it has served me well. It is a good rifle for the money, it has a chessier plastic stock than all the other knight rifles but the barrel and action are the same as the original MK-85. Meaning it has a very reliable ignition and uses a green mountain barrel. They are also very light, and this can be good or bad depending on who you are. Hope this helps.
I just bought a CVA Optima and man is it a shooter. It really has a sweet action and deadly accurate at 150 yds. They are the hottest Muzzleloader going right now. I could not find a gunshop within 50 miles of my house that had one. I had to order one from Bass Pro. They will run you about 200.00 with 2 day shipping. This is really a nice gun for the price. I have never owned a CVA but I shot my dads and knew I had to have one. They have really proved theirselves with this rifle. I sold My T/C Omega to own one!!! NO JOKE!!!
I encourage you to give it a try. You cant go wrong at that price.

I own two CVA St. Louis Hawkens rifles. I have to second Shannon Straub, I've never seen a CVA that wasn't very accurate. I used to use mine for ML'ing matches. It was as accurate as any of the custom guns I saw.

If you wanted to buy one I understand T/C's Omega is the cat's very own rear-end.
I've got a 45. cal magbolt C.V.A. and it shoots like a dream accurate and doesn't hardly kick at all. Just about any cva would be a good starter gun.
As long as it's legal where you are, make sure you get one that uses 209 primers for ignition. I'd never use anything else since I've never had a miss-fire in any weather condition. I have an Encore, which is a great gun, but not really a starter due to it's price.
i'd buy a traditiond ebolt exellent gun shoots 209 primers realy cheap
i'm new to muzzleloaders too and i was told to buy a good one or else you might not like them at all , so i watched alot of tv ads and talked to some people that hunting with muzzleloaders and they suggested thompson center omega .50 cal. ,so got it read the owners manual and then went to the range to shoot it and it was easier than i thought it would be , and the cleaning part was easy too, cost is about $400 at basspro shop i hope this helps you, errol hunter
If you would like something more traditional looking I would highly reccommend the Lyman Great Plains Rifle. It's a great rifle, very accurate, and can be found new for under $350.

If you want a plastic stocked, stainless steel, scoped, pellet powered, sabot shooting piece of junk I have no opinion what so ever.
Every one has given good advice on this. I especially encourage the use of the 209 shotgun primer. If you get an in-line, the Nr 11 cap just dont have the fire to go the distance to the powder. I tried the Nr 11's and after one or two shots, its misfire city. I have a Hawken and an in-line, both Traditions from Bass pro. I wouldnt reccomend the Kentucky Rifle or the Pennsylvania Rifle for much hunting. They are much longer than the standard rifles such as Hawkens, etc. I would also go with a .50 cal. The Sabot-jack rounds have a .45 cal slug in a .50 cal sabot and they shoot really good. I know you will enjoy which ever brand you decide to get. Have fun.
I dont think I would go with the traditional Muzzleloader neither for your first blackpowder gun. First off you never know when they will go off rather it is on purpose or accidentally also you will have to hire some one to pack that big peice of lead slinging steel in the woods for you while someone else is cutting the timbers out of your way so you can get to your stand.
Also woodchuck they make most of those plastic stocked peices of junk in a variety of wood stocks also. They are very accurate EVERY shot with out cleaning them every other shot.
This would just be my OPINION,
Straub, I won't argue with you here, it's a shotgun forum and not a muzzleloader forum.

Besides I probably wouldn't be able to change your mind and I know you wouldn't be able to change mine.

I hope you have a good hunt this fall and get your deer. If I get a deer it will be with a patched round ball.
If you are looking for a good muzzleloader to start with go with the T/C Omega. I work at a gun store and have nothing but problems with CVA and Traditions guns. In fact eveyone who has bought one and came to my store for repair work has come back to get the Omega. Don't waste your money on a "entry level" gun like the CVA because you will get discouraged when the problems start happening. CVA is a decent gun and for around $200-300 people buy them up but for $350 you can get the Omega and have a far supperior weapon. And please guys, buy from your local gun stores and not from those wholesale houses, the locals will mostly have better knowledge than wholesale secrataries.
Finaly a post I can actualy submit some valuable experience and knowledge to. I've been into muzzleloading for years.

First off, you need to know why you want to hunt with a muzzeloader. Is it for nostalgic reasons? Do you want to feel closer to your ancestors, maybe see what its like to face the same challenege that they faced? Or rather, do you want to be able to hunt during the black powder season, or are you looking for something different?

I can tell you from experience, no matter WHAT kind of muzzle loading gun you get - modern or traditional - it will fire EVERY SINGLE time and NEVER when you don't want to, as long as you take good care of it. If you let it rust, don't clean it, and are a general lethargic sloth about it, no, it probably won't fire. And no wonder.

And they're not realy that heavy. Maybe I'm just young and dumb, but I've trucked through the woods for three days with a flint lock musket ( the most "un-reliable") in the RAIN. It fired every time and I didn't get worn out. Whats ten pounds? My lunch weighs more than that.

I can't tell you much about modern muzzleloaders. In all honesty, I can't realy see the point. They're not that different from a modern gun, realy, except you put yourself at a slight disadvantage. When I want to go modern hunting, I go modern hunting, and when I want to go black powder, I take my flintlock musket - the equivalent of a 12 gauge shot gun - or my caplock eight gauge.

But do what you think is right for you. My best reccomendation would be a conneticut valley or maybe armi spot kentucky rifle, in a caplock variety. If you want to go modern, I've heard good things about the Remginton Model 700 Muzzleloader.
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As a novice in the Muzzleloader world, I can say the more I look at the TC Omega the more impressed I am. It seems to have all the 'newbie' stuff figured out for you so you can just go shoot it.

I find it interesting... I hear it's safe with one, two or three pyrodex pellets. Wow. Safe with 150gr. You should RTFM (read the $#@ manual) before you load anything, however. Watch their outdoors show, they use that muzzleloader a LOT.
I have always owned T/C muzzleloaders but the Optima has changed me. Have you been watching any hunting shows? Have you tried to order this gun? This gun is hard to get ahold of now simply because it is the hottest thing on the market. The gun store down the road has a whole row of omegas for sale if you want to come and buy one. I am sure he wil sell it to you for less that 300.00. It was just my opinion and I really dont think people have that many problems with the CVA's. I would put this gun up to any omega or encore at 150 yds. As a matter of fact I already have. I am not Knocking the T/C though I have had several but seen it was time for a change when I shot my dads Optima. You should to!!!!!!
All I can say to this thread is WOW. I hope I am not bringing up a really old topic but I have a few things to say here. For those knocking the new style muzzleloaders and telling this guy to go with an old percusion and even a (GASP) flintlock you guys need your heads examined. Sure theose old things can kill a deer. I killed a couple deer with my old cheap heavy cva percussion cap gun that I paid $98 for brand new. They were very accurate out to 70 yards and had tremendous knockdown power. Would I call them reliable? HECK NO. I am very tedious about my guns and keep them spotless. They tend to not want to go off when its damp outside no matter how good you are about cleaning them. I retired that gun when knight came out with the MK-85 which is now known as the American knight.

For a starter gun the american knight can not be beat by anything out there period. It has the 209 plastic jacket ignition (absolutely water proof) and it uses the Green mountain barrel (best muzzleloading barrel on the market bar none) and a black synthetic stock (impervious to the elements) and it is drilled and tapped for a scope. All this for about $200. IMO Knight rifles are the best muzzleloading rifles ever built. 2" groups at 100 yards says it all.

Now if this guy wants to go old style then more power to him but I can not tell you how many times we have had missfires with our old percusion cap guns. When they shot, they shot great out to 70 yards. I for one will never use those old guns again other than to just toy around with when I want to "feel" nostalgic.
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well iv never owned a muzzleloader b4 but have owned a cap n ball revolver (if that qualifies as muzzleloader) but hey what i always wanted to try was one of those hawken kits that u get where u gotta put it together urself and sand n stain the stock and blue or brown the barrel but hey if i got one of those my setup would be .54 caliber flintlock and paint the stock black and blue the barrel as dark as i can
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