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Can I use red Winchester wads with AA hulls?

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Folks, I have run out of white Waa12 wads for my 12 gauge AA hulls, and have a bag of the red 12 gauge wads. Can I use them safely in 12 gauge AA hulls with 22 grains of Unique and 1 1/8 ounce #6 or #8 shot? Or should I bite the bullet and buy more white hulls? Thanks so much for your help and advice, Richard Dillon :?:
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Seems that I recall that the waa12's (the white ones) are shorter/have less capacity than the waa12r's (the red ones), so with the small size shot at 1oz you may not get a good crimp.

I would get the correct size wads for what you are loading.
As Rick has mentioned, there is a major difference in shot capacity of the two wads. Whereas your White Win wads are designed for 1 1/8 oz loads, the red wads can handle 1 1/2 oz shot charges. So, you would need a filler wad. The red wad can certainly handle 22 grains of Unique, but why mess with a fiber filler wad or 20 gauge nitro cards to take up the space? Get the wad YOU WANT.
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