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Can somebody please help me?!

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I have a Sears model 200 12 gauge that has a polychoke on it, and a friend of mine wants to buy it, but wants to take the poly choke off and put in a screw in choke. Is it possible for me to have a gunsmith take the polychoke off and have it put on my JC Higgins model 20? Any help would be appreciated. If I can have it installed, it may save me $70-$100 to have to buy a new, if not, than I guess I will get a new one later.
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Sounds possilble, take both to a gunsmith, tell him what you want, and have him take a look. He can look at the threads and the amount of barrel available and let you know.
Thank you for the help Rick, do you have any Idea what this may cost by chance? I am afraid of one thing, I heard in the old days, they used to solder them to the barrel, and I hope it wasn't, this gun was made in the 60's, but it has been traded since, it has serial numbers now.
Can I remove it, or is it more advisable to have a gunsmith do it?

See my reply to your other post of similar nature. I think the Polychoke sleeve IS soldered onto the barrel. That's how it's held in place. A good gunsmith might be able to salvage this Polychoke and use it on another gun.
Your particular barrel may be threaed for the Poly or it may be soldered on, depending on who installed it. I am the owner of Poly-Choke, I reccommend that if you want the Poly switched from 1 gun to another you send it to us. We have the machinery and spare parts if we find a problem that can save both barrels. Either way that the choke was installed the original gun will need its barrel cut back behind the choke. For more information call us at 1-866-609-5874.

Todd Martin

Are you installing the PolyChoke rib, and do you have rib adhesive available for sale?

Mike Orlen
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