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can you give me a review of this book (training method)

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My breeder suggested i get this book. "best way to train your gun dog: delmar smith method."

I read some online reviews and they all seemed pretty positive about the book. has any one here read this? And is the delmar smith method any good in training a bird dog?
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I'm a fan of that book. Used it to train my very first bird dog 10 years ago. Lot's of good info but don't mistake it for the silent training method. There are a ton of trainers that use his teachings as the building blocks of their training. Sometimes it seemed a little harsh to me. Great information though.

I think the key to all of these are, get a few training methods and use the information that works best for you and your dog.

I've since bought the Richard Wolters "Gun Dog" book and the Silent Training Method videos and they seem to me to be a little easier on the dogs and also give you a great look into how a dog learns.

And as always somewhere in the middle lies of all of these lies the best training method.
Delmar Smith is a legend in dog training. His book has tons of good info and is a method that covers a dog start to finish. He is very strong in his opionins, but I do think you can take what you like from it.


He is the father of Ron and Rick Smith of They founded the Rick Smith's Silent Command System that is just stunning to see performed by a master. They take dogs at their seminars that are totally out of control and dominant and turn them into great dogs in a matter of minutes. You can sign up for a seminar and/or buy their DVD at I am big fan of these guys and their gentle, educate the trainer/owner methods...
Whats the difference in Rich Wolters "Game Dog" tape and his "Gun Dog" tape? Both say there based on his book Gun Dog.
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