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I never could, and I stlll can't, pick the Wildwood Flower on the guitar. I can only play a few chords in a few different keys, and I had to teach myself to do that.

But my Uncle Jiggs could pick up any guitar and pick the Wildwood Flower, which is sort of the hillbilly national anthem, and is usually the first song any guitar picker learns to pick on the flat top guitar. Some folks call it a Dreadnought guitar, after the famous battleship, but the best traditional country music guitar pickers can all pick the Wildwood Flower, and all of us wish we had Trigger, the most famous hillbilly guitar in the world, owned and played by Willie Nelson since he bought it in Nashville nearly fifty years ago.

They have a documentary on YouTube on Trigger:

Wildwood Flower is a traditional folk ballad that nobody knows how old it is, and the words are usually jumbled and don't all make sense. But essentially, the song is about a young woman who's been left by her lover, and she promises to be happy. It was made famous almost a century ago by the original Carter Family, which included June Carter, later June Carter Cash. Usually Wildwood Flower is sang by a pretty girl, accompanied by a man picking the tune on a guitar, or banjo, or whatever instrument he can play the Wildwood Flower on.

They even make movies using pretty girls singing the Wildwood Flower with men playing the tune on guitars, and Reese Witherspoon's version is one of the best examples of that:

There's so many versions of men picking the Wildwood Flower on YouTube it's impossible to pick a favorite, but here's one by Flat and Scruggs that's as good as any, I suppose:

And there's other songs that use Wildwood Flower and change the words, and my favorite of those is The Sinking of the Good Reuben James, and there's so many versions of that one it's hard to pick a favorite, but any good singer can sing it:

How many of you can sit down with a guitar and pick the Wildwood Flower?

I own a half a dozen good guitars, but I can't pick a lick.:)
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