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Fo out and shoot what you have! With any shooting disipline you will find die hard folks who think the only way to break a target is with the "proper" gun. Yes a "clays" gun will have a few more bells and whistles that may make it easier to consistantly break targets. But I have seen some great shooters over the years that shoot the same gun they hunt with. Yes, state shoot winners shooting a beat up old 1100 with a home made camo job. The gun had seen more hours in a duck blind then most folks have ever dreamed of and the fella could flat out break targets. No $5000.00 gun to do it either.

Don't let some snob keep you from having fun. I use to shoot registered clays everywhere and shoot every shoot I could. Made a trip to the nationals one year and had a blast. Even have shot with a buddy in a team event and beat a couple of national level trap and skeet shooters at a fun shoot once. The key is we are all not going to shoot at the masters level and win. Do your best with what you have and have fun.

I'm an old school clays shooter now. I do not own a shooting/golf cart and I shoot low gun at skeet and clays. I do not shoot registered targets any more. I have fun! You should to. Shoot what you have and if you feel the need at some point to buy a "clays" gun to improve your scores do it. But above all have fun! Too many guys take it too serious and make it a job rather than a hobby for enjoyment.

Shoot what you got and have a good time doing it !

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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