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1st gun I bought was a Rem 1100 with a 20" slug barrel on it. I went straight to the clays course with my buddy. Everyone else had 391's and OU's. One guy had a K80. They teased us about our "deer gun". It WAS almost too short to rest on the racks!

But after I took 10 of 10 at the first station and my buddy pulled of two doubles on a tricky station #2, one of them said, "Darn, I left my slug barrel at home."

They also teased each other. One guy's 391 had much better wood then another guy's. So, after a good round, it was "Must be that good wood!" The guy with the K80 heard about it all day long. But that is what made it fun. If they had really been snobby about it, I probably would have found a better place to shoot.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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