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We learned a lot. Dryden, Ontario area:
1. Garmin Alpha/TT collars from the USA DO NOT WORK IN CANADA! Canada uses the radio frequencies used by the Alpha/TT for other purposes. The Alpha disables itself when it detects it is in Canada. My Alpha quit entirely when I turned it on in Canada (coincidence?). Garmin has replaced it but the collar is still acting erratically. My friend's Alpha also disabled itself and he had to go thru removing/re-adding the dog to get it working properly when back in the USA.
2. Lots of grouse - both gray phase & red.
3. Canadian Grouse act strangely. When flushed or pointed - most just jump up in a tree.
4. Canadian grouse hunters mostly just shoot them on the ground or out of a tree.
5. We took our wives. Stayed at Indian Point Camp. One cabin was nice. The other one (ours) was a dump. Camp owner live trapped a skunk and left it in the trap beside the cabins. He didn't say anything until my dog got sprayed. DO NOT DRINK THIS WATER signs in all the cabins. Grouse hunting areas were 20 to 40 miles from camp. Will not stay there again.
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